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On this page you will find content you can embed into any website. Simply copy the HTML provided below into your own web pages, and the specified content will render.

Orbit Map

The orbit map displays the orbit and position of a given satellite or satellites for a specific time interval, if given. There are also options available to animate the map live, or for a specified time period.

Available Parameters

catalogNumbers LeoLabs Catalog Number or Numbers, such as L335, or L72,L225. Each catalog number selected will show that object's orbit on map.
noradCatalogNumbers Norad Catalog Number, such as 36508, or 4793,40053. Each Norad catalog number selected will show that object's orbit on map.
epoch The ISO Datetime at which you would like the objects to be displayed at. Default is now.
startOffset The number of hours before the epoch to show the orbit. Default is 12 hours.
endOffset The number of hours after the epoch to show the orbit. Default is 12 hours.
animation Options are live, orbit, or none. live and orbit are incompatible with supplying an epoch. Default is none. live will animate to show the objects' current positions. orbit will animate the objects starting at the startOffset rather than the objects' current positions.
playable Set to true to display a button that plays an animation of the objects moving through the specified orbit. This parameter does not work when animation is set to anything other than none. Default is false.
playDuration If playable is set to true, you may specify how long the animation takes in milliseconds. Default is 3000.
hideLeolabsInstruments If hideLeolabsInstruments is set to true, The LeoLabs radars will not show up on the map. Default is false.
shape Use shape to specify a custom shape to be shown on the map using a list of [lat, lon] pairs. You can also specify a label object which takes fields lat, lon, text to display the label.


<iframe src="https://platform.leolabs.space/visualizations/embed/v1/map?catalogNumbers=L72"></iframe> <iframe src="https://platform.leolabs.space/visualizations/embed/v1/map?catalogNumbers=L72&animation=live"></iframe> <iframe src="https://platform.leolabs.space/visualizations/embed/v1/map?catalogNumbers=L72,L335"></iframe> <iframe src="https://platform.leolabs.space/visualizations/embed/v1/map?noradCatalogNumbers=4793,40053&epoch=2018-01-01&startOffset=1&endOffset=1&playable=true"></iframe> <iframe src="https://platform.leolabs.space/visualizations/embed/v1/map?noradCatalogNumbers=4793,40053&epoch=2018-01-01&startOffset=1&endOffset=1&animation=orbit"></iframe> <iframe src="https://platform.leolabs.space/visualizations/embed/v1/map?catalogNumbers=L72&hideLeolabsInstruments=true"></iframe> <iframe src="https://platform.leolabs.space/visualizations/embed/v1/map?catalogNumbers=L72&shape={"label":{"text":"instrument1","lat":0,"lon":0},"path":[[10,10],[10,-10],[-10,-10],[-10,10]]}"></iframe>