LeoLabs Platform for Operators and Developers

Software developers and satellite operations professionals require a new generation of tools. The LeoLabs platform provides applications for operating in low Earth orbit. It's built on top of a real-time map of LEO provided by our unique radar network.


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Three Ways to Use LeoLabs

Access LeoLabs Data Products through a variety of interfaces, designed to integrate with your system. If you are having trouble getting started, email us at accounts@leolabs.space.

Our web-based interface allows for easy search, visualization, and download of our Data Products. This is the easiest way to get started with LeoLabs' services.
Command Line
Our platform-independent Python command-line interface is easy to install and use, and allows you to access most of our API routes after setup and configuration.
Integrate LeoLabs' Data Products directly into your custom applications using our RESTful API.

Our Radar Network